Perak State Assembly Speaker Mohammad Zahir today reprimanded assemblymen who did not wear neckties during the assembly's sittings.

Without mentioning the assemblymen's names, Mohammad said last year the State Assembly had decided that all assemblymen and government officials present during the sittings must wear a tie.

"I would like to inform you here that I remember last year I had decided that those who wear suits must wear ties, so in the remaining time I would like to ask you to please abide by the rules of the assembly.

"Other legislatures, for example the Dewan Rakyat may have decided otherwise, but in this assembly the Speaker has decided that assemblymen must wear neckties," he said after the first question of the question and answer session at the assembly's sitting here today.

The third meeting of the first year of the 15th Perak State Assembly entered the third day today. It started on Monday and will end tomorrow.

When the 15th Parliament started its first meeting in December last year, the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat Datuk Johari Abdul stipulated that Members of Parliament who wear suits would be given the choice of whether to wear a tie or not during the sittings.

In March, the Melaka State Assembly passed a motion to give flexibility to assemblymen to wear long-sleeved batik shirts on Thursdays and not to wear neckties during its sittings.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency