FOMEMA Sdn Bhd (FOMEMA) will study the short-term and long-term planning to adopt the latest innovation solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI), in the surveillance and supervision of foreign worker health checks.

FOMEMA chief executive officer Dr Mohd Afiq Farhan Md Hanif said this is to help raise the quality and optimise the company's operating performance towards the highest level of service excellence.

"FOMEMA will continue to be fully committed to implementing the mandate given by the government, with the best service operation quality under the supervision of high-performing FOMEMA staff who are assisted by an efficient system.

"This is in line with the current operational needs that enable us to handle foreign worker health screening programme effectively in efforts to help the government curb the spread of infectious diseases in Malaysia,' he said during the FOMEMA lunch function here recently.

FOMEMA has been given the mandate by the government to handle the concession of surveillance surveillance and the supervision of foreign worker health checks in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan.

Mohd Afiq Farhan said FOMEMA will also continue with the agenda to further strengthen ties and understanding between stakeholders and authorities such as the Health Ministry, Home Ministry, Public-Private Partnership Unit (UKAS), Immigration Department, Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia as well as registered associations, federations and private agencies.

He said the agenda is implemented by encouraging strategic collaboration to draft and implement standard health protocols that are more effective.

This is aimed at ensuring foreign workers arriving in Malaysia and those already here meet the latest health standards.

"Based on the mandate given to FOMEMA under the supervision of the government, we are confident that we are in the best position to continue handling the concession programme for the surveillance and supervision of foreign workers' health checks,' he said.

Earlier, over 70 representatives of government agencies, associations and private agencies attended the lunch, themed 'Nourishing Collaboration and Unveilling Insights on Communicable Disease Trends'.

The event, among others, aimed to forge a spirit of cooperation and understanding between the public and private sectors in curbing the rise of infectious diseases.

At the event, the government agency representatives also shared the latest information and the current situation on the country's workforce requirement, Immigration procedures and disease control programmes, including the introduction of three new health tests, namely Filariasis, Hepatitis C and Methamphetamine tests, to FOMEMA's health screening services effective yesterday (Dec 16).

FOMEMA health checks must be carried out annually. With the increased number of health checks, the fee structure has been updated to RM207 for male workers and RM217 for female workers.

The additional tests are motivated by a commitment to careful consideration and recognising the need to protect communities from potential health risks brought into Malaysia by foreign workers.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency