KOTA BHARU, The state government has urged household heads who are residing in flood-prone areas to register through e-Bencana for smooth distribution of aid should they be relocated to temporary relief centres.

State Women and Family Development Committee chairman Rohani Ibrahim said the system would be used by the relief centres operating during the floods.

"After the e-Bencana application was developed, the state government continued to expand its use to the community level through workshops and training programmes for instructors or facilitators.

"The effort was taken as the government's step to provide the best service to the people and improve the aid distribution process during disasters," she told Bernama.

She said to further improve aid deployment, workshops were first held in the Meranti state constituency (Pasir Mas), Kelaboran (Tumpat), and Gual Periok (Rantau Panjang) and this initiative would continue to be held in phases at the flood-prone districts.

Rohani said apart from residents, non-governmental organisations and individuals who would be involved in disaster management are also advised to register their associations in the system.

"Registration through this application needs to be expanded to every sub-district and this could be announced in mosques, especially in the flood-affected areas,” she said adding that hands-on training on the use of the e-Bencana application are being organised for village heads, community leaders and staff of state constituency service centres.

According to her, the e-Bencana system was developed to centrally manage disaster information and is not applicable just for flood situations but also during other major disasters.

For e-Bencana registration visit the website or register via smartphones by installing the e-Bencana application through Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store iOS.

For user manual, refer to

Source: BERNAMA News Agency