KOTA BHARU, The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) has issued a flood warning for two districts in Kelantan, namely Tanah Merah and Pasir Mas, starting early tomorrow if significant rainfall continues today.

JPS, in a statement today said the forecast is based on the severe-level continuous heavy rain warning issued by the Malaysian Meteorological Department at 5.40am today and the results of the flood prediction model.

According to the statement, Kampung (Kg) Kajang in Tanah Merah is expected to experience flooding at 1 am tomorrow (Sunday), while areas around Kg Nibong and Kg Air Bujing will be affected at 3 am.

In the Pasir Mas district, four areas expected to experience flooding at 3 am tomorrow are Kg Kubang Rambutan, Kg Bagus, Kg Degung, and Kg Limau Purut.

The areas expected to be affected in Pasir Mas at 9am include the vicinity of Jeti Danau Tok Uban, Kg Chasi, Tok Uban, Kg. Rasal, Kg Kuala Itik, Kg Kok Pauh, Kg Rahmat, Kg Pengkalan Telok, and Kg Tersang.

Meanwhile, flooding is expected to occur at Kg Lubok Gong at 5 pm, followed by areas around the towns of Rantau Panjang, Kg Gelang Mas, and Kg Kalor at 11 pm.

In the statement it was informed that the predicted floods may occur earlier or later than the estimated time and the warning is to remind the public, especially those in flood-prone areas to be vigilant and comply with the directives of the authorities or flood management agencies.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency