PPP to form caretaker-style emergency leadership committee

SEOUL, The ruling People Power Party (PPP) decided Tuesday to form an emergency leadership committee tasked with organizing a national convention to elect a new party leader, after the previous leadership broke up following a crushing defeat in last week's parliamentary elections. Rep. Yun Jae-ok, the PPP's floor leader and the party's acting chairman, announced the decision to establish a caretaker-style emergency committee after a general meeting of lawmakers-elect. That raised views that the PPP could hold a national convention as early as June to elect a new leader. The PPP has been led by an emergency committee since August 2022 after former party chairman Lee Jun-seok was removed as leader. The envisioned committee would be the PPP's fourth emergency committee after the previous committee led by Han Dong-hoon broke up since last week's election defeat. "We've gathered our opinion in a way that party issues should be sorted out as quickly as possible to swiftly introduce a new leadership system," Yun said, adding that it has not been decided yet who should take over as leader of the incoming emergency committee. Additionally, the PPP is said to be planning to hold a party primary on May 10 to elect a new floor leader, before the new National Assembly opens next month. During the meeting, the PPP also passed a resolution to merge with the People Future Party, a satellite party it created ahead of the elections, competing only for proportional seats. "We will start again. We will give up on our vested rights, only look at the people and pursue change with a united heart and a united goal," the party's resolution read. In particular, the PPP said it would carry out bold innovations, strengthen communications with the government and restore parliamentary politics, among others, it also said. Source: Yonhap News Agency